1. Do I need Salesforce.com to use GetSalesDone?

Yes, currently we only support the Salesforce.com. You must either use Enterprise or Unlimited tiers or pay Salesforce.com for API usage. In time we will support more CRM systems – if you want to prioritize the one you love, just drop us a line.

2. I miss some information in the GetSalesDone app that I can see on Salesforce.com

If you have configured Salesforce.com you can easily configure GetSalesDone to show custom fields. We made a tutorial that you can find on our blog. Custom objects are right now not supported, but we will look into this in the future.

3. Can I trust you with my data?

Ye. We don’t see any of your data. The elegance of Salesforce.com is that we have built GetSalesDone so that the app communicates directly with your CRM – without us being a man in the middle. If you trust Salesforce.com you can trust us. If you want to read more on privacy – check our Privacy Statement.

4. What is the purpose of the GetSalesDone app?

To help sales people plan and execute their days more efficiently. Mainly to let you use tasks in Salesforce.com for your planning. We see that most people report just before weekly sync meetings or when their bonus depends on it. This leads to many issues – first of all the CRM doesn’t add any value to the sales people if not used – and of course it could be beneficial. The second thing is that if data is not inputted regularly and kept up to date all those reports and forecasts that management generate are useless. With this in mind we created GetSalesDone – so that the sales reps can manage their todos and planning and while at it can update the vital parts of the CRM.

5. I can’t find all contacts/opportunities/accounts that I see on Salesforce.com

We have chosen that you only see Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts that you have created or is assigned to. When you search, you search globally on everything available to you on your CRM.

6. I can’t see Chatter inside the app

We don’t support Chatter.

7. How do I create an task?

You either pull down on the Task-list to create one or you can click Create Task on the Opportunity or Contact that it should be connected to. Check out our tutorial on our blog.

8. I have this great idea, who should i tell?

Us – just send us a mail. We welcome ideas!

9. Who are you, the company behind GetSalesDone?

The company was founded in 2012 by Mikael Tellhed, Alfred Gunnarsson, Andreas Pålsson, and Hampus Jakobsson. Hampus and Mikael built a 180+ people company that RIM acquired, Alfred is a leading web designer, and Andreas is a rock solid programmer.

10. This FAQ is a joke – you haven’t answered my question: [important, interesting, or fun question]!

Ah – thanks for telling us – please mail the question and we will add it and the answer it here if it goes through our approval process.